Risk, Data & Cash Management

Risk, Data & Cash Management

Free Webinar: Wednesday 2nd December – 14.10 to 14.55 GMT

Re-tooling Treasury for a Resilient Future

Preparing for the unknown is a challenge. But forward-thinking treasurers are starting to access real-time useable data to optimise cash forecasting – and automating investment processes. They are also rethinking the integration of technology, with the aim of improving the risk/reward trade-off.  And by managing their organisation’s cash and liquidity requirements in smarter ways, treasurers are strategically advancing their role and their team’s capabilities.

Data-driven treasury – How has the turmoil of 2020 impacted the need for real-time useable data to help treasury better manage cash and liquidity requirements?

Automated and integrated solutions – How important is it for treasury to have automated data- and investment solutions? Are these readily available?

Making change happen – How else can treasurers prepare for 2021 – and make the most of their data, while controlling risk and investing efficiently?

Moderator Keynote Speakers
Eleanor HillJim ScurlockLuc VlaminckJonathan SpirgelEd Lopez
Eleanor Hill
Jim Scurlock
Global Cash Management
Luc Vlaminck
Group Treasurer & MD
Remy Cointreau
Jonathan Spirgel
Managing Director
Ed Lopez
Chief Revenue Officer
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