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Calastone Money Market Services (MMS) helps companies, public sector organisations and financial institutions balance their security, liquidity and yield objectives when investing surplus cash.

Using our new Distributed Market Infrastructure (DMI), based on distributed ledger technology, liquidity fund managers are directly connected to their investors, using a fully automated trade process that includes:

  • Full integration: Fund providers, portals, TMS’ and treasury teams can connect using their preferred connectivity method and avoid the need to manage multiple connections with multiple business partners.
  • Trade placement: Treasurers place all trades with Calastone, or a TMS, and have them automatically routed to their fund provider, or portal, for confirmation and action.
  • Cash settlement: We automatically instructs the fund provider’s client bank to make payment upon order placement / redemption.
  • Sweeps: Instantly obtain investor cash balance information from any bank and any geography to automate the calculation and execution trades.
  • Reporting: Investment information, including rates, yields and real time positions, is automatically combined and shared with the treasury team, or made available via a TMS for download.

Ultimately, our MMS delivers key benefits:

  • Lower cost: MMS cuts cost and risk from the asset class by removing the need for manual rekeying of information between systems
  • Control over investments: Liquidity fund managers can give their investors greater control over their investments with real-time, integrated reporting. Reports contain detailed breakdowns on cash holdings, positions, rates, accruals and more
  • Fast onboarding: New investors can be onboarded quickly so they can start investing in days rather than being out of the market for a prolonged period of time.
  • Accessibility: Liquidity fund managers can grow fund inflows by making their entire fund range available to investors through a single direct connection.

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Amidst today’s uncertain, low interest rate environment, money market fund (MMF) investors are struggling to achieve target returns. They are asking fund providers to help them reduce investment-related costs that drag down overall returns.​​​​​

We commissioned an independent survey of 150 treasury and investment professionals, across the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore, investing into money market funds.

This report offers industry participants — investors, liquidity providers, technology and market infrastructure entities — practical insights into how we can work together to create a more effective, efficient and resilient market for all.